Black Marlin Resort

Flirting with the white sandy beaches and it's turquoise water, the Black Marlin Resort will show you paradise.

With a 2500 square meters of built land comprising 10 bedrooms and suites and 1 Royal suite next to the sea with it's own private pool, this Resort will satisfy the most exclusive customers in every single way.

However Black Marlin's philosophy of excellence isn't limited to this. Black Marlin sets a higher standard for the boarders of luxury and has at your disposal quads, jets skis, obi cats, windsurfing sets and a fishing boats so that you can appreciate the sea full of exotic fishes.

Not to forget a high standard of gastronomy orchestrated by a manager diplomed from the famous Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne. Black Marlin will allie in a subtle way luxury and voluptuousness with a touch of african exotism.


Black Marlin Resort, P.O. Box 189,
Kilifi, Kenya